Daily and Weekly PPC Advertising Routines

Like other growth practices, PPC advertising also requires an iterative process to deliver better results every day. Hence, of course, if you are stepping in the advertising area, you have to know that you’ll need to spend some time to get good results. It’s not possible to say that it’s a super manageable and easy process to handle when you have a big account, but still, when you have a relatively smaller account, it’s not extremely hard to apply an iterative approach and improve your results every day.

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How COVID-19 Affected PPC Marketing Across Industries

PPC marketing naturally is being affected by different happenings within the ecosystem. Now that the first six months of 2020 is over, how did performance across industries change?

Every year, we see seasonality in PPC marketing, as it’s visible in many other areas. This year, due to the extraordinary conditions COVID-19 brought to our lives, we have experienced an extraordinary seasonality — and unfortunately, it’s not clear when and how the pandemic will stop completely.

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“En son kaça olur?” – İkinci El Ürün Satış Önerileri

Mart ayında iş dolayısıyla Berlin’e taşındım. Taşınma dolayısıyla da Ocak ayının ortalarında eşyalarımı satmaya karar verdim. Henüz ne zaman gideceğim o dönem belli değildi, ancak taşınmayı da kolaylaştırmak için epey eşyamı satabileceğimi ve bu vesileyle hem para kazanabileceğimi hem de kullanmadığım yükten kurtulacağımı düşünüyordum. Nitekim, öyle de oldu.

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The Effect of COVID-19 on Cost-per-Click for Ads in Various Industries

Different times. Today I went shopping with a mask and a pair of gloves. I had my beanie on my head just in case. I am not an overcareful person, to be honest, but in the last month, this has been my reality. More online grocery shopping, more time at home, more house cleaning, more disinfection, more isolation.

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UTM Performance Measurement on Google Analytics

Each time you learn a blog post on Google Analytics, you discover new things you can do with it. It is a fantastic tool for every business owner and marketer out there because it has incredible features, and it is free.

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UTM Tags: The Good and The Bad

UTM tags allow us to track any URL we put out there. Of course, it is a necessity. Even though you can manage and analyze all the traffic you have at your owned channels, you don’t have any visibility over the traffic coming from the external channels. Hence, we need to use it.

But. With all these advantages, don’t UTM tags have any weaknesses or even negative sides?

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Building and Tracking UTM Tags

UTMs are great. You can keep track of all your campaigns, see what works and not so that you can take action upon. But in every marketer’s life, there is a point that used UTM tags are becoming unmanageable.

To avoid the chaos and keep records of your UTM tags more fashionably, I want to share the UTM Campaign Management Spreadsheet I’m using to generate UTM-tagged URLs and keep track of them continuously.

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UTM 101: Introductory Guide to UTM Tags

You are sharing new posts on social media every day. You are running email campaigns to let your customers know about your blog posts. You run some ads on Google and Facebook to reach out to your target audience.

You achieve your target. On Google Analytics, you see that it works pretty well, and your traffic is growing, which is excellent! But wait, what are the sources of traffic? Social media? From which channel?

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my mistakes were made for you (twentify) – Incubation İstanbul

Twentify’dan ayrılalı bir süre oldu – aslında çok da kısa olmayan bir süre oldu. Epey uzun bir yolculuktu, ve bana binlerce öğrenim bıraktı. Geçtiğimiz süreçte bunları paylaşmak için bir fırsat olmamıştı, ama geçtiğimiz haftalarda Aydın Üniversitesi’ndeki Incubation Istanbul’daki bir konuşma için ufak bir sunum hazırladım.

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Thoughts on Building an Exit Game Plan

Just like every other business issue, company acquisitions also have straightforward and logical aspects. If you listened to Acquired podcast in the past and gave some thought into the company exits, you will know what I’m talking about. In this article, I’ll try to share the framework we’ve developed when we were trying to build an exit strategy.

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