About Me

I’m Çağlar! I’m an entrepreneur and an experienced product and growth manager, seeking hyper-growth in every area I work in, with a customer-centric approach. I have extraordinary experience in wearing different hats.

Different hats? I’ve studied computer science and engineering, disrupted the market research industry by founding a multi-million dollar startup (Twentify), designed and launched world-class marketing and growth programs, managed some communities, designed user interfaces and experience of a couple of products, and developed Android and web applications.

Currently working on a fun side project called brb, a social microgaming platform. We’re building the next generation of social gaming by building a social platform where you can make and share games, just using your phone, without any code.

Got any questions? Reach out to me via e-mail at tokiyashi@gmail.com, via Twitter at @ThisIsCaglar, or via LinkedIn at in/caglarbozkurt.

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