I’m Çağlar! I’m an entrepreneur and an experienced product and growth manager, seeking hyper-growth in every area I work in, with a data-driven and customer-centric approach. I have had an extraordinary experience wearing different hats.

Different hats? I’ve studied computer science and engineering, disrupted the market research industry by founding a multi-million dollar startup (Twentify), designed and launched world-class marketing and growth programs, managed communities, optimized onboarding for both B2B and B2C users, designed user interfaces for multiple products, and developed Android and web applications. All in different industries: Fintech, Healthcare, E-learning, AdTech, Market Research, Gaming. Here is a list of companies I’ve worked at.

Currently working on a fun side project called brb, a social microgaming platform. We’re building the next generation of social gaming by building a social platform where you can make and share games, just using your phone, without any code. Here are some projects I’ve worked on as a maker/co-founder.

Want to connect? Contact me via e-mail at tokiyashi@gmail.com, Twitter at @ThisIsCaglar, or LinkedIn at in/caglarbozkurt.