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Hey! 👋 I’m an entrepreneur and an experienced product and growth manager seeking hyper-growth in every area I work in, with a data-driven and customer-centric approach.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve worked with many companies to set up growth processes to achieve continuous optimization and helped deliver growth in the target areas.

I help companies implement product-led growth by setting up analytics foundations, evaluating the current status, creating a growth strategy, and delivering results. If you want to collaborate, reach out. 👇

My Experience

My areas of expertise include website CRO, web and mobile onboarding, referral program optimization, and new growth channel development. Some of my achievements include:

  • Increasing the website CVR by ~85% at Taxfix.
  • Raising the referral program customer share by ~30% at Taxfix.
  • Growing the referral program revenue by ~300% at DR SMILE.
  • Increasing the CVR of public articles by ~100% at AMBOSS.
  • Improving the registration → paid CVR by ~10% at AMBOSS.

How do I achieve these results?

I’m following an iterative process, starting with the current evaluation and planning, continuing with testing the major hypotheses, and then iterating on the initial results by following up with testing other hypotheses.

  • 💼 Setup
    Goal: Find the right channel to focus on and identify the major levers.
    • Setting up the Customer Journey
    • Setting Up the Target Metric
    • Opportunity Sizing of Channels
    • Identifying Major Problem Points
  • 🎯 Planning
    Goal: Run the first experiments and find the direction for Growth.
    • Creating Major Hypotheses to Test
    • Prioritizing the Backlog Items
    • Initial Testing for Validating Major Hypotheses
  • 📈 Execution
    Goal: Iterate on the early findings and optimize the target metric.
    • Plan the Next Steps
    • Set Up the Team Processes
    • Onboarding Team to the Growth Process
    • Iteratively Optimize the Target Metric

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