Book Review: 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke

2001: Bir Uzay Destanı by Arthur C. Clarke

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I remember the first time I’ve seen Matrix, which was a life-changing experience. Rethinking about reality from different angles was an eye-opening experience for me back then.

Now, we’re in 2021.
We’re living in the information age, where most of the imagined things hundreds of years ago are prototypes that we’re working on.

Given the Moon and Mars landings that happened years before, all the discussions about colonizing Mars make the space something reachable for us. Although there are still many obstacles on our way, we know that those obstacles will be passed sometime in the future. Along with these, the books that were written and the movies that were shot showed us the potential successes and the failures from very different angles, but it took tens of years of cultural and scientific development.

Yet, in 1968, two madmen, Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick have developed a very realistic idea, addresses many human beings’ fears, and is well studied.

There are many things to talk about the book overall, but I believe the story and the details are so good that the storytelling part had the ease there;

  • using another planet’s orbit for efficient space traveling,
  • a creative way to show artificial intelligence with its complex and dangerously evolving mind,
  • showcasing the homo sapiens’ survival instincts,
  • a different approach to the beginning of life in the world,
  • and a new vision on understanding life and the universe.

The book has many great sections – which can be studied individually. Having them all together in a connected story structure is an amazing chance we have.

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