Random Thoughts — 1: Snapchat, Life, Startups

Night. Interesting things happen in this magical timeframe. It’s a great time to relax and maybe do the things that you want to focus but couldn’t focus all day because you were struggling with your clients and daily routines.

As being a start-up co-founder, that is the only timeframe that I can spend with my love, friends and of course, myself. These keep the stress away from my body every night.

Below, you can find some of my nightly thoughts. I shared some articles that I liked in the previous days that made me think and exciting, and some thoughts of mine on everyday things that I enjoy and experiment.

Dream by sulamith on Deviantart: http://sulamith.deviantart.com/art/Dream-179532246

As our interests and environment change, our social media feeds are also shaping with these changes. Therefore, in day-time, I’m only checking Twitter to catch-up with the world and new things happening around. Also, if you classify ProductHunt, Medium, Hacker News and Reddit as social media channels, they are in — in my daily routine. Let me come to the topic very quickly. I know WhatsApp, Telegram and Snapchat are messaging-oriented platforms. But, because there are stories in Snapchat, it is not quite a messaging platform but is feeding it’s social media elements with messaging at its core — stories, events etc. I think there might be more elements on Snapchat for more enhanced social media experience.

As you probably know, there is a LIVE section in Snapchat Stories section. In this section, you can see some featured live events, selected by Snapchat editors. I think, leaving this part by giving up the control and letting users create events around them will make the platform more engaging. Yes, there might be a trust issue around this topic, but using a basic rating algorithm can solve these problems.

But think about this great opportunity. When you think about a social media channel which has messaging in its core, Snapchat can be a bigger thing which can be on the core of our lives, and without going out of scope.

Unfortunately, Snapchat might be too young and chatty to cover these, in today’s positioning. — Image Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/31160738/madonna-releases-living-for-love-video-on-snapchat


It’s feeling more human and conscious when we discover the things that we didn’t see before reading or thinking about ourselves, about our human parts. Well, every day when we are doing routine things, we dream on deep thoughts which make us notice about ourselves. I read this amazing article -below, which made me discover and understand myself more. Yes, we carry people, around ourselves.


Every single experiment you run on a start-up, what you need to do is defining the right goal. Yes, methodology might be wrong, yes it might have some conflicts with zeitgeists, but disrupting a scope is not included in zeitgeists. Every minute that you spend on anything without a goal, you’re moving to the fail point faster.

Time is not our friend, my friend.

Well, I know sometimes you’re losing focus, but that’s OK. That’s perfectly OK, nobody which is dealing with thousands of things every single day can handle this pressure. Well, there is a good article of Stanfy Team on this issue which gives you a guide about the things you already know, but in a good structure.


Now I see that Postmates logo and this particular scene from the movie “E.T.” look pretty similar.

These are the things that popped up on my head. There are too many things to write about the world, but keeping everything lean is a good strategy for readability. By mentioning about readability, I think it’s an opportunity to come up with an article about “made-up words”.

What I’m writing about? I’m planning to write about start-ups, product design, tech-related observations, and marketing. If you want to follow new things that I share, you can follow me on Medium or Twitter — @ThisIsCaglar.

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